Thank you Thank you. Thank you!

Thank you everyone who auditioned for Young Frankenstein. We would have loved to include each and everyone one of you in the show, but there's only so much room on the stage.

Get your tickets here!  -- ONE WEEKEND ONLY

Here's our amazing cast.

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Mike Davis
The Monster: Brian Gustafson
Igor: Kevin Mischley
Inga: Audrey Clark
Elizabeth Benning: Erin Miller
Frau Blucher (neighhh!): Valerie Cabral
Inspector Hans Kemp: Robert Grady
Ziggy: Bill Stiles
Harold the Hermit: Stephen G. Lee 
Dr. Victor Frankenstein: Michael Duarte 
Mordecai: Pete Molitor
Mr. Hilltop: Bob Molitor
Shoeshine Boy: Prescott Wing
Count Dracula: Ty Waterman
Ms. Benning's entourage:
Basha: Melissa Franklin
Tasha: Aleksandra Donato
Masha: Caryn Barker
Sasha: Keri Boisclair
Bob the astrologer: Daniel Gravely
Dance ensemble:
Dee CocoRachel LetourneauRufino LombaMichelle Giunta McKay, Erin Rapoza
Erica Stockwell-AlpertHeather CareyHolly ChinMarcia Desmarais, Victoria Doughty, Rachel Tiffany Ferreira, Bruce FischerBecki GriffinRonni T. MarshakLou Normand, Karen Ross, Janet SchmidtDelaney SparksSonya SpongbergPeter Turner, Dana Wing, Myra Schwartz

Auditions for our fall show will be announced over the summer